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We are able to provide sound systems and mixing desks for hire, and audio engineers to suit your rental needs. We have a range of well maintained hire stock, from a small conference style PA system to a full range live event or exhibition rig. And of course, we have many options and accessories to round off your audio hire solution.

Our latest range or WiFi microphones for hire can be coupled with our range of speakers and used in any number of configurations to suit your requirements be it a simple conference with one lectern microphone and a tie clip radio mic to multiple mics for several presenters and roving hand held microphones for Q&A sessions.

We have a sound solution for most events and exhibitions whether it be live, recorded or pure audio effects, so feel free to use our expertise in this field to make your project sound as good as it looks. Continue reading about our audio hire products.

How can we help?

With many years of experience, we're happy to advise on any audio/visual requirements or hire services for your event.

Simply call us on 01908 506326 (Office hours Mon-Fri 09:00 to 5:30).