Vector provided lighting, sound and video support for the Dell Technologies trade stand at the four-day VMWorld Europe event in Barcelona. Despite a relatively modest 64m2 space, the space packed a visual punch; bought to life using a wide array of Vector's audio, video and lighting effects.

From a technical perspective, the production made great use of both our 3.9mm and 2.6mm LED video cabinets, including corner cabinets which allow video to seamlessly wrap around a 90-degree corner. Video playback was syncronised through our Arkaos Studio Server, providing the ability to show a mix of pre-recorded content, presentation documents as well as live video though a capture card.

The stand was illuminated using a mixture of lighting fixtures selected to create ambience as well as pick out key design details and spotlight the stand's presenters during half-hourly product presentations. Our on-site engineers ensured these live demonstrations ran smoothly with content and audio switched and synchronised seamlessly.

Kit overview


  • Chauvet Maverick moving wash lights
  • Chauvet LED spot lights
  • Chauvet LED wash lights
  • Theatrical spot lights (LED profiles)
  • LED tape
  • Digital lighting control desk


  • D&B speakers (flown from trussing)
  • Wall mount speakers
  • Sennheiser digital radio mic systems
  • Compact mixing desk


  • Three, flown, curved 3.9mm pixel pitch screens (72 panels total, 3 x 8 panels per curve)
  • Presentation screen: 3.9mm pixel pitch curved screen with corner cabinets, rear screen 2.6mm pixel pitch
  • Arkaos Studio Severer for synchronised video playback; pre-recorded content, live video via capture card, client Powerpoint, etc.

Audio-visual services

  • Mains distribution for the AV & stand power
  • Full on-site support through the during of the event
  • Six crew including AV technicians, electricians and engineers