LED Video Wall Hire 3.9mm Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Screen Hire

Ultra bright video wall for your retail window, event or conference

Our 3.9mm pixel pitch LED screen is a lightweight, fast-to-rig video wall hire solution. When hiring our video wall, we can customise the size to suit your event. We provide design advice as well as full installation and setup, including video playback devices and sound system if required.

This 3.9mm video wall is ideal for displaying video content and presentations for viewing close up, with content optimally viewed from 3.5 metres or more. Similar to our higher definition 2.6mm screen, this 3.9mm screen can be flown from trussing, floor standing using our innovative and discrete ground support system, and even curved.

Your screen does not need to be square, it can have rounded corners or you can build completely circular screens. Our 3.9mm screen ideal for events, exhibitions and conferences. It is also a popular choice for for retail display, with the ability to work in high ambient light conditions it can also be used in retail windows.

3.9mm Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Screen Hire detail

An ultra-light, modular video wall

Our ultra-light, giant screen system is the perfect hire solution if you are looking for higher definition screen to display video content or presentations. Based on modular cabinets and a fast rigging system make the Vector Lighting LED 3.9mm screen one of the fastest and most flexible LED screen solutions available for hire in the UK.

Each 500mm x 500mm cabinet weighs just 5kg, made from ABS plastic with a tool-free rigging system that is second to none. Our flexible joining block provides the ability to create a curved video wall with up to 15° variation per panel. Your video wall can be rigged flat just like any other screen, but can also be set up as a curve, wave or circular configuration including a 360 degree loop (content facing inwards our on the outer surface).

The LED screen can be driven from a single unit rack or via a DMX controlled media server displaying live or pre-recorded content. Panels can be joined in several ways; to create a seamless video wall, as a dispersed effect amongst scenery to create a background, or synchronised with other visual media and lighting as part of your installation (HD screens, projectors etc.). With an optimum viewing distance of around 3-4 metres, the screen is ideal for retail, exhibitions or live events where the audience is close.

  1. LED style – SMD 3-in-1 LED display black face
  2. Pixel pitch – 3.9mm true size
  3. Module size – 500 x 500mm
  4. Density of pixel – 27777 dots/m2
  5. Voltage – 100-220v
  6. Brightness – 2000nits
  7. Viewing angle – 160 x 160°
  8. Weight – 5Kg per cabinet
  9. Optimum viewing distance – 3.9 metres

Please call us for more information on our 3.9mm pixel pitch giant LED screen and how it can help on your next event.