Lighting/AV Hire LED Video Wall Hire

Vector Lighting provide one of the most flexible video wall hire solutions in the UK, with 2.6mm, 3.9mm or 6.25mm pixel pitch resolutions to suit a variety of applications. Your giant video screen can be assembled in many ways from a "traditional" 16:9 format, to non-standard shapes and sizes, and including curved, wave formations, or in a loop.

What's the best video screen for my project?

As a general starting point, the smaller the pixel pitch, the closer together the "dots" (or pixels) are. This is very similar to your television at home whereby closer dots create a higher definition and visual quality. Smaller pixel pitch screens such as our 2.6mm screen or 3.9mm screen is more suited to close-up displays where detail or fidelity is required. In comparison, our 6.25mm screen is suited to viewing distance of around 6 metres and above, making it an ideal and affordable choice for exhibition stands or larger events. An outdoor video screen is also available from our hire stock.

Vector are on hand to help you make an informed decision. We can also advise the optimum resolution for to create your video content for display on a giant video screen. Simply give us a call on 01908 506326 to discuss your project and requirements.