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Use your outdoor training space all-year round 

Vector provide both temporary and permanent solutions to keep your outdoor sports facilities running outdoors, even during the darker winter evenings. Many clubs just don't have the budget or sometimes even the permission to install permanent lighting fixtures. We are able to provide several alternatives using temporary power, semi permit installation methods, or even hire options to keep you and your teams on the pitch or court through the year. Installing traditional lighting is expensive, and may require lots of planning which takes time. Whilst there are many battery systems on the market, our experience finds that they simply don't have the power and brightness.

Sports Court Lighting Hire & Sales detail

Some of our outdoor lighting solutions include the following:

  • Fence pole mounted LED lighting systems
  • Telescopic fence post lighting
  • LED strip fence lighting
  • Freestanding LED flood lighting options
  • Hire options for freestanding flood lighting

Why not take advantage of our planning service? Simply call us on 01908 506326 and we can provide a file upload link for you to send dimensions and pictures of your outdoor space/sports court.