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Make your displays turn heads

We've been lighting, projecting and making things sparkle in the retail sector for over fifteen years. Whilst we have a wealth of experience to draw on, we're always coming up with new and inventive ways to apply our video display and lighting fixtures to retail and visual merchandising projects. There are various considerations from logistics to natural light (too much, not enough) which will determine the most suitable solution, so feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

High impact, lower footprint

Vector have continually re-invested in our lighting and projection stock, which provide more controllable fixtures with brighter, vibrant colour spectrums. But the real impact is one your customers may not spot – lower running costs and minimal heat output, which is better for your budget, and our planet. Even traditional lighting effects including fluorescent tube lighting, neon and logo projection now have their modern counterparts, so the possibilities are endless.

Content is key

Video and moving content can play a vital role in communicating your brand or product messaging – from new product launches to sustainability campaigns, retailers are using display technology to connect with their audience. Through a combination of light boxes and video screens we can help you make your message stand out in the crowd.

Visual Merchandising & Retail Display detail

We work with in-house VM teams and agencies to provide eye-catching AV and lighting design/install for retail

With both client and agency experience, we are able to offer a range of services to bring your retail display concept to life. From specification and installation/breakdown, to a full-service where we can generate a full design concept based on your visual merchandising theme. We've worked with many well known brands on the high street, so chances are you've already seen our work in action. 

Trigger and synchronise lighting effects with your video content

Video content can be co-ordinated to trigger lighting effects, which can create a truly immersive display environment. We use video and lighting protocols so your environment works as a holistic suite of fixtures. from the moment your window comes to life in the morning, everything just works with your video and lighting in sync.

LED video panels and lighting fixtures; lighter and brighter than ever

Retail windows can be challenging environments to light – whether it's the sun glaring down or a wintery evening, the brightness of your screens and fixtures need to be "just so" in order to make your display stand out. That's why our rental stock is versatile enough to work in almost every environment and scenario you could imagine. 

Stand-alone windows, twinkling star canopies to entire store-fits

Thanks to some very imaginative retail design teams, there's not much we haven't achieved over the years. Small and large scale projection is an area of the retail market we have expert knowledge in, from simple logo projection in store, to multiple sites displaying constantly updated live content, to video mapping across your store front or in-house displays. We have been lighting, projecting and making noise in the retail sector for over fifteen years so there is a wealth of experience there for you to draw on. It’s fair to say we know what will and won’t work so please feel free to ask.

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