From simple playback right the way through to fully featured media servers we have a range of equipment to drive LED screens from a MacBook with playback pro through to multi output Media servers. 

All LED screens can be set up and controlled via our range of video processors and sender cards for SDI, DVI HDMI or VGA input. these enable simple video switching & configuration of the LED screen tiles.

Media servers & processors detail

When a more dynamic shows with rich content and full feature video playback is required we have the following options available.

  • MacBooks with Playback Pro
  • Media servers 'Arkaos Stage' servers with—2 HD outputs with 5 layers
  • Media server, Arkaos Studio' servers with —4 HD outputs with 12 layers

Playback pro is ideal for live playback of video content for a conference or Exhibition. allowing real time selection of the next video or preset lists of content.

The Media servers have Full HD outputs and inputs & combined with the powerful ArKaos engine from MediaMaster Pro will produce smooth visuals that can be easily Mapped & triggered using a few DMX channels on your lighting desk or notes on a MIDI controller. or what nor integrate Video and lighting via the LED mapper!