LED video walls, direct from the manufacturer

LED video screens are becoming an essential part of any retail or venue install. We are proud to represent one of the best screen manufacturers, indoor and outdoor screens that we know last the test of time.Over many years we have built a strong relationship with our LED video wall manufacturer.

This allows Vector to specify and order and sell you an LED video screen direct, safe in the knowledge that we have the same products in our rental stock. If you would like to see the product before you order it, please organise a viewing at our showroom.

2.6mm, 3.9mm and 6mm pixel pitch resolutions

The fidelity of your screen is measured by the pixel pitch – with 2.6mm being ultra fine for close-up and detailed video reproduction. 3.9 and 6mm pitches are great for presentations viewed further away. As a general rule the optimum distance is 1mm pixel pitch per metre – so a 3.9mm screen looks great from about 3.9 metres away (it still looks good when stood, mind!). We can help you decide the best solution for your project.

Not just square panels.. corners, quadrants and more

Your LED video wall doesn't need to be square (or rectangular), you can now design with multiple degrees of freedom and creativity using corner LED tiles, quadrants (four of these tiles make a circle) and more. We can include various joining brackets from straight to angled, as well as rigging brackets to provide you with countless configuration possibilities.

LED video screen sales detail

Installation service

We provide as standard a video wall installation service, ensuring your LED screen is assembled, calibrated and your media is running. We will then run through standard power-on, power-down and content updating procedures for day-to-day use. 

Indoor or outdoor screens

We are able to provide both indoor video walls and IP-rated outdoor screens. The features and specifications are almost identical, with our outdoor screens simply providing additional resistance to dust and moisture. it is possible to use an outdoor-rated screen indoors, but we'd never advise using an indoor screen in an exposed environment – especially given the unpredictable nature of the British weather.

Floor stands, rigging brackets and power distribution

Depending on your chosen application, we are able to specify the most practical assembly brackets and fixtures, all of which have been custom designed to securely hold the video wall panels in place.

Looks good, sounds great!

If you need audio and video switching, Vector can provide a complete AV package with media playback devices and a sound system to compliment your video wall. 

Pixel matching

We advise ordering all of your video wall panels in-one-go as this guarantees that your video-wall tiles will be supplied from the same production batch. Ordering from Vector ensures that this is always the case. Whilst the video screens are produced to a very fine tolerance, and pass a vigorous quality control and calibration procedure before they leave the factory, there may be very minor differences in colour reproduction when tiles are placed side-by-side.

Levi's & Debenhams are just two of many clients we have supplied with LED screens.