Services Indoor and outdoor LED video wall

Your video content -
any size, any shape, anywhere.

Our LED video screen panels can be connected to build a standard screen in various ratios from landscape to portrait to ultra wide or super tall. For more creative applications, it is possible to curve, layer or omit panels to build a bespoke video display for your event. Once Vector have installed and configured your panel layout, content is delivered to the screen by a dedicated media server which can handle live feeds, presentations, video-game input or pre-recorded video content.

Outdoor use

For all-weather applications such as open-air cinemas or outdoor concerts, we have a dedicated stock of IP-rated LED panels.

Curved, shaped and dispersed effects

The 3.9mm pitch screens can be fitted with right angle corners, or complimented by quadrant panels which are ideally suited to creative exhibition and retail applications. Looking to make an impact? How about a curved video wall or even a 360-degree, 3.6 metre diameter column – it's all entirely possible.

Indoor and outdoor LED video wall detail

Lightweight, slimline and easy-to-rig.

All of our LED video wall panels are surprisingly thin at only 75mm in depth, weighing around 5Kg each. In almost all cases, the slimline, lightweight design of our video wall removes the need to add costly rigging to your project. We have custom-designed, low profile supports for floor-standing installations, allowing you to integrate video tiles almost seamlessly into your event.

High-contrast outdoor panels.
Super bright, even on a sunny day.

Providing a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, our 3.9mm and 6mm pitch panels are optimised for 3 metre+ and 6 metre+ viewing distances respectively. Black LEDs provide very high contrast images, even in direct sunlight. The RGB SMD elements are encapsulated, meaning you are only seeing one LED even though it is using red, green and blue light to produce a 'pixel'.

Inputs and playback control

The video wall content feeds is via our media server which provides HDMI, DVI and composite. There is full control over brightness and switching of visual and audio content – we'll ask you more about your audio requirements and will be able to provide a suitable sound solution for your project. Both 3.9mm and 6mm video walls can also be controlled from a DMX lighting desk via our Arkaos media server.