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Retail and display lighting has, over the last few years, benefited from the increase in lighting technology to the extent that now it is no longer just a wish to see your schemes enhanced by the magic lighting brings. LED lighting technology for instance is now brighter, more reliable, more controllable thus more cost effective than ever before and there is the added benefit of reducing your carbon foot print by using it over conventional fittings. Neon lighting can now be produced in many more colours and are more adaptable thanks to modern transformer technology, the same can be said for fluorescent lighting which can now be dimmed more smoothly than ever before allowing even more options on space saving effect and colour mixing.

Small or large scale projection is yet another area of the retail market we have expert knowledge in, from simple logo projection in store, to multiple sites displaying constantly updated live content, to video mapping across your store front or in-house displays.

Vector has been lighting, projecting and making noise in the retail sector for over fifteen years so there is a wealth of experience there for you to draw on. It’s fair to say we know what will and won’t work so please feel free to ask.

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